They loved it, I'm trying this at home, Cant wait, "Who won, Who won?" I loved the higher level learning experience they received. They enjoyed all of the events but particularly the Jeopardy and Engineering.

My students absolutely loved these challenges! It was wonderful to see them work together as a team. The challenges hit all learning styles. Without these resources, the challenges would not have achieved to the full extent.

Our district did a GT showcase had had 160+ GT students doing Guardians of Gaming at the same time! Our administrators loved it! Thank you so much!!! We are REALLY hoping to do it again next year!

This was a great program! The engagement was very high for my students! They loved participating & would come in begging to do more activities!

We truly enjoyed all the challenges. I liked having all the materials and supplies in one box and ready to go.

My students really enjoyed the activities. The videos and lessons are very easy to follow. You made it so easy to implement.

Thank you!

They were super excited and loved it. They are already asking about next year. It was great to have it all together. I think it would have taken so much more time if we also had to go out and shop for supplies.

Students loves the activities! We all had so much fun. I loved the grit and team building that happened in the classroom. I was impressed by everything! I did not need to buy anything on my own.

The kids love the tasks assigned in the program with the favorite one being the Angry Bird knock off. We received EVERYTHING possible! It was so amazing. Such a blessing!

What an awesome store! Knocked my socks off!! I highly recommend you to visit this gem in El Paso. Unique gifts for kids of all ages. Thank you for the fantastic service!

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