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The Team Quest Academic Competition is designed for Gifted and Talented Students in grades 3-5. In the competition students compete in 5 CORE areas. The competition is designed to engage many learning strengths and styles.

This unique competition allows teams of four students to demonstrate their ability to work together to successfully complete multiple challenges that cover five core areas:

  • Team Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • Construction and Building
  • Math and Higher Level Thinking
  • Trivia and Knowledge

The Team Quest program is designed around a different theme each year, with all projects and challenges centered on that theme. Although challenges are centered on five core areas, curriculum based in the arts, music, history, geography, or physical competitions can also be incorporated. The theme is simply a way for the projects and challenges to be tied together in a fun and cohesive manner.


As part of our commitment to gifted students, we have made the content and presentations for Team Quest FREE of charge to schools and GT Teachers. Simply register your students for the program and we will email your registration code right to your inbox. Then register through our website and you will have full access to all documents and videos to conduct your very own Team Quest program!

STEP 1 - Register for FREE Today!

Once your school registers for the program you are set to go. Team Quest can be presented in a one day format or over multiple days.


STEP 2 - Sign-Up For Access

Once you have completed the registration form, please sign up for access to the Team Quest MEMBERS ONLY section of the website. This section will contain all of the information you will need to conduct your very own Team Quest event with your students.


Step 3 - We Can Handle ALL the Details

Once your school registers for the program you are set to go. Team Quest Materials can be ordered through Adventures in Learning to assist you in conducting the program. We have many budget conscious options to assist you in presenting the program to your students.

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Have a GREAT Team Quest with your students.

You are ready to have a great contest with your students. Enjoy watching them compete and learn teamwork!

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