Why should my students participate in Team Quest?

The program includes many benefits for students and teachers. No team or teacher preparation is needed, although teachers find that supplementing their own GT programs with either previous or current themes greatly enhances student knowledge, participation, and enthusiasm in the competition. Additionally, all materials are supplied, this includes trophies, awards, and professional presenters that will help guide your students to success. All areas of the competition are designed with the enhancement of school, state, and national standards in mind. Currently we have over 3,000 elementary, middle and high school students from Ysleta ISD, Socorro ISD, San Elizario ISD, Clint ISD, Tornillo ISD, and Anthony ISD participating in the program.

How does Team Quest work?

Teams consist of four students. Teams are grouped into 4 different divisions.

  • Division 1: 3rd/4th/5th Grade
  • Division 2: 6th Grade
  • Division 3: 7th/8th Grade
  • Division 4: 9th-12th Grade

Team Quest: Live

Teams begin by competing against each other at the school level during the Fall semester. This could be done by attending Adventures in Learning, or obtaining Team Quest: In A Box to administer at your school. The team who receives the highest cumulative score will be invited to return for the second round of competition – Team Quest: District.

Team Quest: District

The District competition will see all 1st place teams from each participating school within a given district go head to head against each other, with only five emerging victorious. The District competition also takes place in the Fall.

Team Quest: Regionals

The Team Quest: Regional competition is held in February and will be centered on a brand new theme. This phase of the competition pits winning teams from each participating district against each other. Only the top five teams with the highest cumulative score will remain and be invited back to the final round of competition.

Team Quest: Finals

Finals is the end goal of all participating teams. This competition will be the most difficult and challenging, but also the most rewarding, for teams. Taking place in May, a brand new theme will challenge each team over two days- with only one team being crowned the Team Quest Champions.

We hope to see your school represented in West Texas’ most demanding and academically challenging competition. If you have any further questions, or would like to know more about Team Quest, please feel free to contact Jose Quintero, Program Coordinator, at 915-249-3264, or by e-mail- Jose@ailtq.com.

How do I book a Team Quest Program for my school?

If your school has never participated in Team Quest and you would like to expose your G/T students to one of the most fun and educational competitions in the country, we would be glad to discuss the details with you and your administration.

What dates are available?

Team Quest dates book up very quickly. Typically school or districts need to allow one to five months lead time for best date selection. Accommodations can be made for you to hold your Team Quest event on a Saturday if needed.

How many students do I need to participate?

An important detail is the approximate number of students you will be bringing to the event. To hold a private event strictly for your school, we require a minimum of 40 students. We can accommodate groups up to 100 students. For schools with 4 to 40 students we can arrange for your teams to participate with other schools from your district.

How much does it cost to participate in Team Quest?

This year the registration fee for the 2016/2017 school year is $49.00 per student.

This price includes the presentation, team problems, all supplies, trophies, a lunch buffet for all the students (includes 3 adults per school) and any necessary rental, insurance, or facility fees.

Each school is responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the event.

Each school must provide a guaranteed number of students two weeks prior to the event. You may email or fax your student list to Adventures in Learning prior to the deadline. The school is responsible for paying for the number of students they guarantee. The food, supplies, and staff must be arranged ahead of time for the number of students you guarantee.

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