Hands On Field Trip

2017 Hands-On Field Trip: 

Uncovering The PHARAOH'S TOmb


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Adventures in Learning is proud to present our 2017 Hands-On Field Trip: Ancient Egypt - Uncovering The Pharaoh's Tomb. Running from February 13, 2016 – June 2, 2016, this once in a lifetime experience will allow your students in grades K-8th to explore the culture and history of Ancient Egypt through hands-on and educational projects.


We are offering half and full day programs specifically designed for Gifted & Talented students as well as half and full day programs for classroom teachers to bring all their students.

Our educational programs are perfect for school field-trips, daycare programs, boy scouts, girl scouts and home-schooled students!

Although there is a 30 student minimum to book a program and an 80 student maximum due to space restrictions, several groups or classes can participate at the same time to reach the minimum group. 

Adventures in Learning cannot take requests to match schools or classes together. It is the responsibility of each school or classroom teacher to guarantee the required number.


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  • Contact Bertha Lopez, Account Specialist, at Bertha@ailtq.com or Jose Quintero, Program Coordinator, at Jose@ailtq.com. You may also call 915.613.4074 to register or check date availability. 


Please see event choices below by grade levels:

-GT & General Kinder-2nd Grade: Half Day (Morning and Afternoon sessions available)
-3rd - 6th Grade: Half or Full Day
-6th - 8th Grade: Half or Full Day
-3rd - 6th Grade: Half or Full Day -Gifted & Talented
-6th - 8th Grade: Half or Full Day -Gifted & Talented


Adventures in Learning, Conference Room

7230 Gateway Blvd. East, Suite A/B, El Paso, TX 79915

(I-10 East between Hawkins & Hunter)


-1/2 Day Program: $19.99 per student

-Full Day Program: $39.99 per student (Lunch Provided)
-G/T Full Day Program: $39.99 per student (Lunch Provided)
-Chaperons: $7.00 per adult (1 free chaperon for every eight students.)

*Register before February 28, 2017 and pay only $36.50 per student for a full day program!

*Register between March 1 and March 10, 2017 and pay only $38.50 per student for a full day program! 


-1/2 Day Program: Morning Session: 9:00 am- 11:15 am

-1/2Day Program: Afternoon Session: 12:00 pm- 2:15 pm
-Full Day Program: 9:00 am- 2:15 pm


Adventures in Learning

7230 Gateway Blvd E,

El Paso, TX 79915

Phone. 888-835-3695

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